Company Introduction

Doo Tech, a software technology provider serving the financial industry, has developed our own Trading System, CRM system, Social Trading system and Clearing System. With rich industry experience and professional technical team, Doo Tech provides efficient, high-quality, stable and professional MT4, MT5 Managed services and White Label solution for hundreds of brokers in the industry.

Company Mission

Providing better technology
products and services for
the financial derivatives trading market

Company Vision

Become a financial
technology company leader

Company Values

Stable products,
professional service,
and continuous value creation for customers

Company History

Doo Holding Group Limited was established, in order to operate as a group enterprise

Build our own core product development team and technical support team immediately


Release Doo as a retail broker branding, providing excellent brokerage service with retail traders

Release Doo Tech as our brand of an all-in-one technology provider

Release "Hosing Cloud" MT4 full license hosting service, providing excellent MT4 hosting service to brokers

Release "User Cloud" Customer Service System, providing a stable, reliable, user-friendly customer management solution to brokers


Release "Broker Cloud" white label solution, providing cost effective MT4 trading software solution to brokers

"User Cloud" v 3.0 go live, brokers start using a more powerful and comprehensive customer management system

First raise "all in one technology provider" concept, which is imitated by many competitors subsequently


Acquire Vanuatu Dealer of Securities license

Release "Bridge Cloud" product, providing professional bridge connection service to brokers

Release "Doo Clearing" brand, providing excellent aggregated liquidity clearing service to brokers

Setup UK office, start to apply FCA license

Purchase MetaTrader 5 Enterprise license with USD 300,000, preparing for the new era of MT5


Start to apply Money Service Operator license in Hong Kong

Release new CRM system "a" after two years, which is a revolution of user experience of customer management system

Doo MT5 trading platform go live

Release MT5 "Hosting Cloud" and "Broker Cloud" solution, leading brokers to enter the new era of MT5

"SafeGuarder" starts escorting into 20 brokers

"Social Trading" starts the era of cluster communalization


MarginCheck Started to provide diversified risk control products for brokers

Bridge Cloud Essuny API interface online


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